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Children have participated in a 2-session training program on abduction and abuse prevention


Parents are trained in the signs and tricks of child sexual abuse; how to handle situations and seek help


Teachers and teachers have been instructed to recognize and handle when children are being harassed or abused


The skill summer camp was successfully organized to help children experience and learn useful skills including: Summer survival camp; Firefighter summer camp; Gold Armor Warrior Summer Camp …


The completed skill set helps equip children with useful knowledge to properly handle unexpected situations in life.

The story is that this year, it was decided to let an older friend go to an educational summer camp for only 3 days but came back to really see his children grow up. Normally, there is nothing significant, but that day at the swimming pool there was a girl who lost her leg and called for help near where her big friend was swimming, I thought it would swim out to help her to the shore. But no, I saw it swimming very quickly to the shore to get a stick and then lie down on the edge of the pool, give her one head to cling to and pull it to the shore.

On the shore after regaining soul, she praised:

– Too smart baby to get ashore and take a stick to give it to her.

My family friend replied:

– Not where she is. I just learned about drowning prevention at summer camp.

Finished it instructed her what to do when drowning plus instructions for her on the bank to sit and call for help.

Share from facebook Hoang Thu Huong – parent with a child participating in CAIP’s skill camp

“Children always grow up with many dreams and ambitions in their hearts, but in order to do those things, they need to live, and have a safe life”. With that concern, at the beginning of 2016, we – a group of founding members, operating in different fields but with the same passion to bring good things to Vietnamese children, decided to become Establish a Child Injury Prevention and Control Center, under the management and professional support of the Child Rights Protection Association

GOLD BROTHERS – SAFETY SKILLS FOR CHILDREN, Our first project on the Intensive Safety Skills Program includes a set of 6 Basic Skills. And as the program’s name suggests, each Skill that your child learns and completes will be like a piece of GOLDEN ARMOR – protecting your child safe from the DANGERS of life.

The program has received a lot of positive responses from the students, according to parents: “I don’t let anyone touch my private area now, saying this is my secret area” or like “ I also taught you how to take the pulse and determine the heart ”. There are even friends who teach you both parents and brother in your house how to locate fire extinguishers in your building.

After the success of the GOLDEN CANDY project, CAIP continues to develop more skill sets, including the success of the School Violence Prevention Project, the Safety Skills for Caregivers Project. children… and especially, the Gender Education project with visual content has received great attention from schools and parents. We have also taken over 1200 Gender classes for all levels. Initially implementing the universalization of sex education for students.

The quality of teaching has made CAIP’s reputation, so the center continuously receives the trust and cooperation of partners such as VinSchool, Hanoi Academy, Ami School, Casa dei Bambini, Little Sol … Very positive feedback from School and parents.

Most proudly, CAIP also successfully organized more than 20 Summer Camp courses and Weenkend trips with different topics with the participation of more than 5000 thousand students. CAIP’s Skills Programs also have the participation and mentorship of foreign experts from the UK and Australia. In addition to cultivating the strong skills of the experts, the children also have the opportunity to be awarded. exchange, communicate and improve their foreign language skills. Summer camps and weekend trips have partly met the wishes of parents: “How can I play and study, both indoors and outdoors”.

With the motto “Learning with practice” and the orientation “the following program must be better than the previous one”, CAIP has always made efforts in terms of both human and material resources, building brand reputation, and trust with parents. about the training programs being taught.

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